Aaron Tambour

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Hay River Northwest Territories is where i grew up and spent all of my life. i enjoy getting outdoors and taking pictures of landscape, new places while traveling, portraits of family and friends. 

Before photography i was very into drawing, art has always been an interest of mine. Growing up without internet, computers, satellite tv gave me 

a lot of time to find things to do around the house. My mother was very creative with art projects for me to do to pass the time and thanks to her i 

have a huge passion for art. Through out high school i continued with my drawing until time just wasn't available to keep up with my hobbies.

After a long period of not drawing or doing anything with art i picked a pencil and tried my hand at drawing again, posted a picture on Facebook

to see if i could get any feed back. My influence to get back into drawing was due to a blow up of positive feed back from my friends and family.

After doing a few projects my patience for drawing wasn't there to keep me interested enough, but i still had the passion for art. That's when i 

tried photography. With the encouragement and positive feedback i got from my family and friends i decided that this is where i want to start a new hobby

as an armature photographer. Hunting, trapping and spending time on the land with my father as a youth has really shown me  the true beauty 

of our great north, with photography and media sharing i can show off how incredible our north really is to the world. 





Dernière mise à jour : 4 janvier 2023
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Slave Sud
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Hay River
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16 103 street
Hay River, NT X0E 0R9
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