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Angie Sabourin

Région : 
Slave Sud
Collectivité : 
Réserve de Hay River
Type d'art primaire: 
Numero de téléphone 1: 
(587) 578-1778
PO Box 3078
119A Muskrat Road
Hay River Reserve, NT X0E1G4

Histoire de l'artiste

I have beaded all my life. When I was younger, I would work during the day and come home to work on my crafts all evening. I learned by watching my great aunties, my grandma and my mom. I was very curious and serious about learning, so I watched everything that they did. When I was as young as 12 years old, I worked with my mom to make a pair of moccasins. My grandma taught me how to do beadwork by drawing designs for me every time I’d visit. She was so proud of me when I finished my first upper!

I made tiny pairs of moccasins for all of my children. Sadly, my house burned down and I lost many things I cherished in the fire. However, even if there were difficult challenges to overcome in my life, I continued to sew. Over the years, I kept learning how to make new things, such as mini-mukluks to hang on zippers, key chains, small wallets, earrings, bracelets, and hairpins.

I retired when I was 71 years old and now I sew all the time! It makes me feel good. I always write about what I want to do before I start a new project: that is how I get inspired. Then, I will draw my designs on really thin paper. Otherwise, I will ask my daughter Kim for help because she is an artist too and she draws beautiful flowers.

When I go on holidays, I take my sewing with me. When I visit my granddaughters, they are always around me, asking me what I’m making. They’ll sit around and be noisy and eat my beads if I don’t watch them carefully! They are so cute and funny! I also sew when I’m out on the land, especially when the kids are interested in learning. I will ask what they want to make, and then they’ll say: “We can make little wallets or key chains for Mother’s day”. So I will help them cut out the pieces that they need and draw flowers for them. They already impress me so much!

When I sew I feel relaxed. I think about all the important women in my life: my grandmas, my aunties, and my mom. I imagine myself sitting beside them, watching them. Sometimes it’s kind of hard, but it makes me happy that I’ve learned from such traditional people. I cherish their memories through everything they showed me.

Biographie de l'artiste: 

Angie Sabourin currently lives in the Kátł’odeeche First Nation.  She sells her artwork in the community and takes special orders. She tries to have items on hand if people want to purchase them. Angie loves to take her two granddaughters to sewing class and is constantly impressed by their inherent talent and how much they love to sew at such a young age. Angie herself is so dedicated to her artwork that she will sometimes work until 3:00 AM, only to start again in the morning.

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juillet 2020

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