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Caitlin Cleveland

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I am an emotional artist. I shoot with my heart first. My goal is for each of my sessions to play a key role in the evolution of my passionate pursuit of clean, fresh, emotional archives of real-life moments.

I love creative arts, light and people. Perhaps it was the influence of growing up in northern Canada where visual arts and good people are a natural phenomenon- like trees to British Columbia and Lobsters to Nova Scotia. Ironically my love of light and summer, probably comes from 21 hour summer days full of fabulous sunshine and incredible childhood memories.

I was blessed as a child with adventurous parents who always told me to do what I loved and the money to support a family would inevitably come. So my 'job' as a photographer is first and foremost a love and passion and second a way of providing for my family.

I remember the first time I picked up a film camera. Seeing the world through a viewfinder was exciting and somehow freeing for me. But my images were horrible. Eventually I would figure out my path and leave Science at the University of Alberta and to pursue formal training in Photography. I never looked back and Yellowknifers have been helping me hone my craft by playing the role of muse, inspiration, and model ever since.

I was raised in the North, am now married to a northerner and am gleefully raising my busy army of tiny humans in the North. The North is my home and northerners my peeps. Thank you for choosing me to help archive your incredible place in this world.

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Slave Nord
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(867) 445-3686

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