Carielyn Jumbo

Biographie de l'artiste: 

Carielyn Jumbo, better known as Carie, is an artist working in the fine craft tradition of Trout Lake, NT. She's a mother of three beautiful daughters; Edzea, Kaechoa, & Ts'ahlekea. She started making simple pieces at age 13 including uppers, stroud mitts, key chains, crocheting, slippers, moose hide wraparound's to moose hide gloves and mitts. She also became familiar with beads, birch bark basket making, embroidery and quillwork. Carie's beaded pieces have included small parkas, slippers, bags and purses. The delicate and intricate designs are self taught through practice, and were first introduced through patience by her mother and elders in the community. Carie's most recent pieces are handmade "traditional moose hide dolls" with detailed work. She is also very interested in the art of quilting and is always looking for new ways to be inspired and innovative in her projects. She is surrounded by family and friends who contribute to most of her ideas. In the past she has taken part in community sewing, moose hair tufting, and spruce root basket workshops and continues to learn new craft techniques. Carie presented her work for the first time at the Open Sky Festival in 2008, which gave her an opportunity to meet other artists and exchange ideas. Carie is thankful to the organizations and other artists who shared their own skills and creativity, through their encouragement. Carie has found her own niche and would like to thank with greatest appreciation her mother Margaret Jumbo and aunt Emily Jumbo for their endless support and encouragement.

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