Carla Ulrich

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Slave Sud
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Carla Ulrich is a director, writer and producer based out of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. With over 10 years in the independent film industry, she takes pride in creating engaging work with a community focus. She originally pursued a career in front of the camera, but after directing her first short film with the Dreamspeakers on Tour Youth Film Project, she soon realized her passion was on the opposite side of the lens. 

After completing film school, Carla returned to her roots with a move back home to the Northwest Territories. In 2014 she created YouthRise Project; a society that strives to build and maintain a strong artistic connection to youth in the north. With her company Dayah Films, Carla combines her talents with others to produce inspiring work with a focus on youth and empowerment.

Dernière mise à jour : 24 mai 2023

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