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Daniel .J. Hudson

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My name is Daniel .J. Hudson I am from Fort Smith N.W.T. I was raised outside town at Fort Fitzgerald....

Living with my Father on the farm, help me gain the knowledge of animals and the wilderness....

I would sit by may dad and learn how to carve and see how he would would pull the sculpture from within the horn, bone, ivory of wood. through the years I would also watch my great uncle Sonny Macdonald make small ivory jewelry  I would try to make an eagle head all the time over and over and he would tell me how to's about the eyes and so on.... Now so many years later i have been practicing beside my Father for the last few years trying to find a style of my own. I have come to enjoy carving in caribou horn although at first proved to be very hard to sculpt but over time I became stronger and in many sittings I became more devoted to trying to finish a full sculpture....the felling felt after finishing ones art is very motivating.... There is a great pride in some minds eye to be able to take a piece of bone or horn from the wilderness and forge within that hard material a work of art for all to see, Is rewarding to me very much as an ARTIST, for if I had not found that horn it would have surly rotted and disappeared in the vegetation....Now preserved for life....


Dernière mise à jour : 9 novembre 2015
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Slave Nord
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BOX 21
Wekweeti, NT xoe 1wo

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