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Debbie Dillon

Région : 
Slave Sud
Collectivité : 
Fort Smith
Type d'art primaire: 
Numero de téléphone 1: 
(867) 621-2030

Histoire de l'artiste

My interest in making earring began when I attended a powwow in Alberta in 2014. There were so many vendors with beautiful earring collections that it inspired me to start making some of my own. I taught myself how to bead and eventually, started creating my own designs.

I am Inuvialuit, so my designs are influenced by my culture. I try to use things like the delta braid, a well-known pattern in the Western Arctic, as well as incorporating ulus and inuksuk shapes into my designs. I have mostly done a lot of ombré style, and am working on adding more colour into my patterns.

My designs have evolved in the past years. I started with seed beads and porcupine quills, and now I’m trying to make the longer earrings with moose hide and delica beads.  I enjoy making art, being creative and passing time this way.  I especially enjoy making art because other people appreciate it, which is why I like to post my creations on social media. I love to see when people connect with my creations.

I usually make beaded earrings but I also like to make dream catchers. At the same powwow in Alberta, I purchased a small dream catcher for my vehicle. They are beautiful and you can take them with you. At the time, I bought some small hoops to make my own dream catchers and have used a few since, in the hopes of eventually making bigger ones as well. I enjoy the process of creating them and I love that they can be used for decorative or spiritual purposes.

Biographie de l'artiste: 

Debbie enjoys learning how to make traditional crafts as it inspires her to be more creative, teaches her patience and she likes the challenge. She has taken many workshops such as making traditional snowshoes, moccasins with beaded fronts, drum making, Métis sash making and stained glass.


Dernière mise à jour : 16 novembre 2018

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