Franziska Ulbricht

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Slave Nord
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I am a multi media artist, craft maker, mother, gardener and cook residing in both Hay River and Yellowknife. I moved to the Northwest Territories from Germany in 2008, shortly after finishing a five-year program in Fine Arts at the Brunswig School of Art.

In my creative work as well as in everyday life I draw my inspiration, logic and ability to focus from the physical and sensual realities of living in the north. My artwork include public murals, drawings and jewellery made from a variety of local materials. I sell my work at markets, at the Down to Earth Gallery (YK) and occasionally at the Northern Images Gallery (YK).

My experiences from years of traveling, art school, motherhood, gardening and quiet local food activism has shaped a very complex and yet grounded reality in which I am continuing to explore life. Having put my roots down in the Northwest Territories I've been slowing my pace and trying to figure out how to live a low cost and small footprint kind of life. Sustainability, connectedness, community and small scale economy are some of the key factors that help me focus on and create a niche that's affordable, inspiring and practically achievable for my role as a single mother, an artist and a practical idealist.

In my current artwork I weave all of these realities into the tapestry of northern landscape. I take time to explore graphic qualities of lichen, rock and landscape with the subtle impact of colour pencil and graphite, creating depth within the layers of applying single colours. It's a very meticulous process, which has lead me to the even more intricate and quiet process of beading. That pace and the connection and implication of drawing and beading in an artist's everyday life, specifically in this environment, entertain and interest me very much.

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As a primarily visual artist I draw a lot of inspiration, logic and ability to focus from the physical and sensual realities of living in the north.. Creative thinking in everyday life, the love for music and performing arts, and the visuals in pictures made by people and nature lend their ideas and make me enjoy being a  part of that life cycle that flourishes under the influence of art.

I make jewelry with found objects. (And I love those moments of unexpectedly running into someone in some community other than my own who's wearing a piece I've made.) During the winter I draw multi-layered, mostly quiet scenes of animals and personal versions of glimpses of what's around me. I've also worked on murals and hand painted signs. Occasionally I write a song or two. I cook for a living and a good life. My summers are filled with gardening and building things.

Being an artist for me is being many things at once. It's like finding the balance between making and creating and being shaped. It's quite enjoyable.

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