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Laura Berreault

Région : 
Collectivité : 
Fort Liard
Numero de téléphone 1: 
(867) 770-4062
Box 6
Fort Liard, NT X0G 0A0

Histoire de l'artiste

I was born in Fort Liard and have lived here all my life. My father was from Trout Lake and my mother was from Fort Nelson. My father taught me how to work outside with wood and work on moosehide. He taught me many valuable things.

I mostly make things from birchbark – we have so many beautiful birch trees around here! I love that I can harvest the bark form the trees and it doesn’t hurt the trees. I can make lots of stuff – birchbark baskets, birchbark canoes, and birchbark pencil holders. I make these things to keep myself busy. I like to keep busy and learn how to make new things. We are always sharing and learning amongst ourselves in the community. It is nice.

I have two moosehides at our camp to tan. I haven’t had any for a while so I am excited to sew moccasins and mukluks again when they are done! My mother died when I was young so my Auntie Martina (Kotchea) taught me sew. I miss being in the bush – we are getting older and it’s harder to get out there. We have a boat and motor but need someone to take us. I always ask to go spring hunting for beaver.

Dernière mise à jour : 29 août 2018

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