Pamela Dawn Basil

Biographie de l'artiste: 

I have been sketching, drawing, and painting since I was young.  I have learned on my own and been guided with my beadwork, sewing, and jewelry.

A lot of my recent paintings and drawings are characters that I have created myself.  I also learned/taught myself a lot of sewing (mitts/jackets/purses) and quilting.  I love getting different ideas on YouTube for sewing, beading, and jewelry.

I have painting murals in the P.W.K. High School in Fort Smith.

I am a single mother; my toddler son Foster keeps me quite busy and do a lot of the art, sewing, beading late at night.

I am also upgrading at the college.

I love what I do; art, sewing, beading, painting.  I feel calm and centered when working on new items.


Dernière mise à jour : 8 février 2022
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Slave Sud
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Fort Smith
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