Rosalind Mercredi

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Slave Nord
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Rosalind uses bone, antler, beach glass and other natural elements in all her glass work – fusing the real and the conceptual, the natural and the created. Rosalind has always been interested in art; starting as a painter and quickly moving into her favorite medium – glass. Time spent in the supportive artists’ communities of the Yukon and Northwest Territories allowed Rosalind to begin working as a full time glass artist. Rosalind carves her own path in the art world. She enjoys incorporating traditional Métis images and colors relating to nature in her pieces. Themes of ice, stone and fire abound. Her creative process is detailed and time consuming. Once Rosalind develops a sketch, she begins hand making a pattern (which can take up to 20 hours alone!). Next, materials are chosen and she begins assembling her work – adjusting and fine tuning as she goes along. From sketch to finished project can take more than 40 hours.

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mai 2023

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