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Canada Council for the Arts New Funding Model live on website

Canada Council for the Arts New Funding Model live on website



Artists and artistic organizations are constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible, imagining new ways of creating and operating to reflect the context, the needs – and the potential – of the times in which they live.

Here at the Canada Council for the Arts we are equally determined to see that their work as a public funder continues to respond to the needs – and the potential –of the changing world. To that end they have redesigned their funding model in order to more strategically support the creation and wide dissemination of excellent Canadian artworks, to more directly and efficiently support Canadian artists, and to more flexibly and effectively support the development of a diversity of high performing arts organizations.

Their aim is to increase the impact of the professional arts in Canada, and to gain even greater global recognition for talented Canadian artists and artistic productions. Ultimately, through their investments they are committed to strengthening the power of art to inspire, enlighten, interpret and transform the world, for the benefit of all Canadians.

The new programs will be open for applications in 2017, with current programs and deadlines running through 2016.

Philosophy of the New Programs

Replacing a substantial number of discipline-specific, specialized programs with six broad programs allows Canada Council for the Arts to focus on the pillars of artistic research, creation, production and dissemination across fields of artistic practice.  The quality of your artistic work, and the impact of that work in relation to program objectives, will be the basis for funding decisions. The Canada Council will continue to rely on peer assessment and value the knowledge and expertise of its staff to make the best funding decisions in all circumstances.

Their new programs are designed to clarify why Council provides public support to artists and organizations, and to demonstrate the short term and longer term results of their investments.

They want to more directly enable artists and arts organizations to create excellence and maximize artistic and other impacts for their audiences in a changing artistic ecosystem and in an ever-changing society. These new programs are designed to address current realities; they nurture skills, build capacity and will proactively help artists and organizations to realize their visions.

As they continue enabling artists to create art, fostering Canadians’ engagement in the arts, enriching communities and helping to evolve a marketplace for the arts in Canada and abroad, their commitment to cultural diversity, Deaf and disabled arts practice and official languages remain core values.

The artists and arts organizations whose work has been supported by Canada Council in the past have an important place in this new funding model. In addition, the model has been designed with future growth in mind. The senior program staff will speak with operating grant recipients directly by the end of March 2016 about the suite of programs and where they fit in the new model.

You can access information about the six new programs, their objectives, candidate and entrance activity requirements, the maximum grant allowance, application deadlines and assessment criteria  here: newfundingmodel.canadacouncil.ca. Don't hesitate to email (info@canadacouncil.ca) or call (613-566-4414, ext. 5060) if you have questions.