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Casting Call: Three Feathers

Casting Call: Three Feathers 

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Fort Smith Recreation Centre - Theatre
Saturday, January 23, 2016 11 am - 1 pm
Sunday, January 24, 2016 1 pm - 4pm

Three young men- Flinch, Bryce and Rupert - have vandalized their community. They are sent by the Elders to live nine months on the land as part of a circle sentencing process. There, the young men learn to take responsibility for their actions and acquire the values that have been lacking in their lives - humanity, caring and respect. But will they be forgiven for what they have done?

Three Feathers explores the power of grace and restorative justice in one Northern community and the cultural legacy that can empower a generation.

The movie will be shot over four season to capture the diversity of seasonal activities that take place on the land. This live-action movie is ground-breaking in that it will be filmed and produced in four languages - Cree, Chipewyan, Slavey and English and distributed as a part of a language learning resource.

The producers invite you to join in this unique project: one that promises to bring pride and new awareness to the rich cultural heritage and language of the Cree, Dene and Metis.

The Roles:

Flinch- FILLED
Rupert- FILLED
Gabe- Elder- fight scene
Maureen - angry outburst
Gabe's wife- Elder
Raymond- Elder
Irene- Elder
Flinch's mom
Flinch's Grandma - Elder- emotional scene
Rupert's mom
Rupert's dad- angry outburst
Bryce's brother- emotional scene
Social workers (x2)
Young Flinch- Aged 7-11
Young Rupert- Age 7-11
Young Bryce- Age 7-11- emotional scene

Director: Carla Ulrich
Written: Carla Ulrich (screenplay)
Richard Van Camp
Producers:  Brent Kaulback (SSDEC)
Richard Van Camp (Executive)
Ann Lepine (Associate)