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NWT On-The-Land Collaborative Fund

NWT On-The-Land Collaborative Fund


What is the NWT On-The-Land Collaborative Fund (OTL Collaberative Fund)?

The Fund was created to promote and support on-the-land initiatives in the NWT by providing easier access to funding and other resources. There is a lot of interest in on-the-land programs, but finding the money to run these programs can be a lot of work for communities and organizations that have to apply to many different places to get the funding and support they need.


The NWT On-The-Land Collaborative Fund brings together government, charitable, and other partners so they can combine their efforts and make it easier for you to access money and other resources (such as tools and equipment) for on-the-land projects. When you apply to the fund, your application goes to a group of funders who will work together to support your project – making it easy for you to apply, quick to access the money and resources you need, and simple to work with us throughout your project.


Who is part of the NWT On-The-Land Collaborative Fund?

The Fund is a collaborative effort among charitable partners, community advisors, and government departments. Current members of the collaborative include:

• Tides Canada

• The Government of the Northwest Territories

• PEW Indigenous Leadership Initiative

• TNC Canada

• J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

• Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation

• And community advisors from across the NWT


How can you apply to the fund?

You can apply for funding and resources to help your community or organization get out on the land! Here are some important things to know:

• Applications are due January 31, 2016.

• Funding requests must be at least $1,000. There is no maximum amount.

• You can submit multiple applications for different projects.


OTL Collaberative fund are open to applications from many different types of organizations and communities. However, they will not consider applications from:

• For-Profit initiatives

• Organizations from outside the NWT

• Political or partisan initiatives

• Federal or territorial governments


They want the application process to be simple and easy for you. You can apply using the attached form. Community advisors and partners are available to answer any questions, talk about your project ideas, and help you with the application. You can contact them here:


Meghan Etter – Inuvialuit region

Ph: 867-777-7085

Email: metter@inuvialuit.com


Susan Ross – Gwichin and Sahtu region

Ph: 867-777-7915

Email:  sross@gwichin.nt.ca


Kyla Kakfwi Scott – Tlicho Region

Ph: 867-447-0204

Email:   Kyla_Kakfwi-Scott@gov.nt.ca


Steve Ellis – Akaitcho Region

Ph: 867-766-6406

Email:  steve.ellis@tidescanada.org


Alison de Pelham – Dehcho Region

Ph: 867-695-2610 ext. 236

Email: executivedirector@dehcho.org


Kyle Napier – South Slave Region

Ph: 867-621-1025

Email: communications.nwtmn@northwestel.net or kyle.w.napier@gmail.com