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Julie Landry

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Fort Simpson
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(867) 875-8710

Histoire de l'artiste

I make traditional crafts, including a lot of beading. I make slippers, card holders, earrings and other kinds of jewelry. I love to use moosehide in almost all of my projects. I also use porcupine quills, as well as birchbark. I love to work with materials I can find out on the land - besides the beads of course!

When I was younger, I would string beads with my Grandmother when we were out on the land. My stepsister was always beading whenever I visited, and she eventually taught me how to do it too. I would also bead with my family - I’ve learned from a lot of talented family members! Most of my teachings came from the young moms in my life. These days, when Elders see me bead, they are generally really fascinated by how detailed my work is.

I am in the process of learning to tan moosehide. I do not have anyone to show me at the moment, but in the past I have learned a lot from my Grandmother. We used to work on moosehides together. We flushed the hair and excess skin. I don’t know every part of the process and would love to continue learning about this tradition in the future.

I get inspired by being around other artists who enjoy working on their crafts as much as I do. When I spend time with others, ideas come to me. I always try to draw out my ideas on paper first before creating my own beading patterns. I will draw the pattern on the moose hide once I am ready to create a new piece. What I like the most is choosing different colours to work with. Lately, I’ve been using a more neutral palette, but my favourite combos right now are inspired by the Fall.

I create art because I enjoy it very much. I find it very calming. It’s one of my hobbies. My family respects my passion because they leave me be when I’m in the zone! Making art makes me feel good all around, but it’s a special feeling when I see someone wearing my creations.

I have three children and am happy that my teenage daughter is also into beading. I taught her how to bead. We find time to bead together, sitting at the kitchen table. She’s currently working on earrings and I’m making uppers for some slippers. She’s quite a talented beader and I hope that this tradition will be passed down in our families for generations to come!

Biographie de l'artiste: 

Julie is from Fort Providence and now lives in Fort Simpson. She works at the Friendship Centre in Fort Simpson and is a talented beadworker, having learned from skilled artists in her family. A mother of three, Julie finds calm in her artwork. She is eager to learn many traditional art forms, including moose hair tufting.  Julie started selling her work when she was 23 years old and is excited to partake in many craft show in the upcoming years.

Dernière mise à jour : 5 octobre 2021

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