Mackenzie Cabins Ltd

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Dernière mise à jour : 20 septembre 2022

Established June 15, 2022, Mackenzie Cabins Gift Shop is a registered retailer for NWT Arts and is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the traditional economy by:

  • buying and selling traditional crafts made by NWT artists;
  • buying and selling traditionally tanned hides hand processed by NWT residents;
  • filling custom craft orders through very talented NWT artists who are always proud to make exactly what clients are looking for; and
  • offering a variety of craft supplies, such as beads, stroud, needles, thread, raw hide, quills, etc.

Mackenzie Cabins Gift Shop is a registered distributor for the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program and carries a wide variety of quality fur and hide to sell NWT Artists at wholesale prices

In addition, Mackenzie Cabins Gift Shop offers a variety of souvenirs, gifts and convenience items.

Mackenzie Cabins Gift Shop is accessible in person at km 23, highway 3, just South of the Dehcho Bridge or online at: