Old Town Glassworks

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3510 McDonald Drive
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2H1

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Dernière mise à jour : 31 juillet 2019

After seeing Yellowknife’s city councillors use dozens of styrofoam cups during a meeting, Old Town Glassworks founder Matthew Grogono gave the councillors glasses made of recycled bottles as a gift. Worried about the effect of excessive waste on the environment, Matthew wanted the City to get serious about its waste-management plan.

Originally named Yellowknife Glass Recyclers when the business launched more than 20 years ago, Matthew wanted to transform unwanted glass bottles into useful decorative glassware. Today, Old Town Glassworks is a cultural hub in Yellowknife’s historic Old Town. We have a vibrant gift shop featuring work and designs by local artists, conduct hundreds of workshops showing people how to make their own environmentally friendly glassware and even host events and concerts on site.

Our handmade glassware is created in an authentic Old Town shack nestled into Yellowknife’s famous pilot’s monument rock outcrop. The shack is on Old Town’s historic walking tour as it once housed the Hudson’s Bay Company’s female staff. Oral history says a former Miss Yellowknife once resided in it!

We are also a Worker Co-operative and a registered B Corp. The former means our board members feel a sense of ownership and pride in the business and bring lots of energy and support. The latter means we’re a profitable business committed to being a force for good in our community and for the environment. Our staff and board are creative people interested in handcrafting beautiful, useful items that help clean up our planet. From new designs to renovating our property, they are involved every step of the way.


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