Snowking's Winter Festival

Slave Nord
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Dernière mise à jour : 29 mai 2023

Each year for the month of March, a winter wonderland is created on Yellowknife Bay where the Snowking and his northern toughened helpers raise up one of Yellowknife and the NWT's proudest monuments...the Snowcastle. Erected and built out of the frozen waters and white powder snow of Great Slave Lake, the Snowcastle becomes a month long bastion of community spirit, collaboration, innovation in the arts, entertainment for young and old and where the spirit of winter wonderment from all our collective childhood reigns supreme.

On any given day the castle might host a children’s play, followed by an art exhibit, a film festival and finishing the night off as a dance club. As a tourist attraction, the Snowcastle is at the top of the pile of the many wonderful things to do here in the winter. And though it might melt away every year, the community of Yellowknife has enough hot chocolate scented-music infused-northern lights show extravaganzas to last them until the next year’s festival begins.