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Art Retailers/Galleries

The Okevik Craft Shop carries a selection of namemade hunting knives, ulu knives, and bone and antler carvings. All made from local raw materials by Aklavik artist Danny Gordon.

After seeing Yellowknife’s city councillors use dozens of styrofoam cups during a meeting, Old Town Glassworks founder Matthew Grogono gave the councillors glasses made of recycled bottles as a gift. Worried about the effect of excessive waste on the environment, Matthew wanted the City to get...

Open Sky Creative Society (OSCS) was formed in 1999 by local artists & arts supporters who saw a need for an arts & cultural service organization as well as presentation & artist outreach opportunities the Dehcho. It is the only active non-profit, non-governmental, artist, and...

This local arts and crafts store has carvings, clothing, gifts, and diamonds for anyone stopping by. Open year round. Closed Sunday.

Pehdzeh Ki First Nation is an organization within the Dehcho region of the NWT that provides programs and services to it's community and members. We proudly showcase and sell arts and crafts made by our local Indigenous Artists.

Full service (41 rooms) centrally located facility with restaurant, dining, gift store, lounge and nightclub. We offer accommodation and associated amenities to local, regional, national and international tourist and travelers.

Our gift shop carries a selection of locally made arts and...

The Sambaa K'e Dene Band Office sells locally made arts a fine crafts.

The Sambaa K’e Print Studio is open to anyone interested in learning printing techniques and producing art. It’s also for those interested in collaborating with us and our Dene ideas, stories, thoughts, culture and history. This unique facility, operated by Sambaa K’e Dene Band, is located in...

Signed is a local graphic design and print shop specializing in signs and banners. But really Janet and her team can take care of all your design and printing needs! Home of Ptarmi arts and crafts!

A huge selection of locally made arts and crafts made with traditional materials: porcupine quill, moose/caribou hide/hair products, beads and birchbark.